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for those, who prefer rustic luxury

Cast in the colors of earth, with a rhythm of glee; it's at Angirasa where we celebrate tranquility


Angirasa represents the quality of luminous consciousness, full of brilliance and essence of breath in the body. Our luxury glamping getaway, nestled in a 15 acre mango orchard offers abundant comfort, serene experience, skies-birds-petrichor, a charming exploration in the countryside and many more…

Step away to take a deep breath of fresh farm air at Angirasa, a place we have searched long for, where walks last hours and thoughts roam free

Our Glamping suites

Seize every moment on your vacation

The Sacred Mango farm dining

A great menu begins here !

An regional cuisine experience that transcends the ordinary. round the clock.

Aura point

Step into the sandstone floored wellness center and surrender to the silence Angiras offers to achieve harmony between mind and body. Prepare your day with a gentle morning stretch or improve flexibilitywith yoga, focus on relaxed breathing or awaken your sense's quiet reflection.

For those seeking nature with no desire for a full schedule or a thousand options. A place for everyone and for simple pleasures. ANGIRASA writes its own stories.

Draw a bath. Snuggle up.
Start living the Glamping life

The English Scape

Dream up your perfect narrative. Unhurried and intimate, our glamping destination events provide you and your guests the finest of hospitality and service for your private event, while celebrating and relaxing in the surroundings of our mango orchard. Typically, events at Angirasa take place outdoors, weather permitting. Opt for a classic set-up nestled amongst the majestic mango trees. Our celebration packages have been crafted to offer a wide range of possibilities for your special occasion.

Rustic Luxury

Enjoy the ultimate in privacy and luxury in our secluded glamping tents, featuring rich colors, textures, and fabrics evoking both cozy familiarity and a distinct sense of indoor-outdoor living. Each of our tents has its own distinct style, yet they all feature plush king-sized Victorian styled beds, comfortable sitting areas, private baths, exquisitely designed detail, and charming amenities.

“At the heart of Angirasa concept is a place of reduction and simplicity. To come and stay. To lay around and lay low. A place to catch your breath and unwind. A place to enjoy, feel, taste, and smell what life has to offer."

Dr. Ahlad Narakulla

Managing director

The perfect location

Between past and present, we transport you to luxury glamping excellence. Everything is designed to make your stay at ANGIRASA a moment of pure tranquillity. Get pleasantly lost in the orchard by taking a stroll throughout or map your own trail or admire the glittering stars, planets, and constellations in the night sky of Angirasa. Meander through the plantation to identify our Mango varieties, fruits, herbs, and spices.

Join us as we nurture the orchard and feel life flow in the countryside.