The Sacred Mango

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Choose your dining options from an eclectic selection of regional culinary customs from our master chef, made with farm-fresh herbs, spices, and seasonal yield; served with love, care, and hygiene.

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Monday - Thursday : 1 Pm - 10 PM
Friday - SUNDAY: 11 Am - 12 PM

Natural flavors

Our cuisine is influenced by Telangana regional cuisine. Dishes are created with top-quality products sourced sustainably, utilizing years of experience combined with instinct. The results are well-balanced dishes where the natural flavors are the main feature.


Hydrators & Fun

The best place to discover your new favorite mocktail. Our chef understands different tastes among our guests, to provide a curated experiene. But above all, the traits that differ him from others, are his dedication and eagerness.


We embrace the culture that makes our area unique and seek to preserve the culinary customs of this region. To put it in artistic terms, the farm is where the colors are ground, the canvas is stretched, and all preparations are made for the artist’s masterpiece.

Angirasa Sacred Mango Restaurant

An experience of savory snacks, local delicacies, hydrators, selection of tea and much more. We always use locally sourced products to maintain organic quality and strive to minimize waste.

Restaurant at Angirasa
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